Hi and welcome to MagicBike!

This is our about page and here we will try and explain who we are and why we are running this blog and guide about motorcycles, dirt bikes and scooters, basically anything with and engine and two wheels.

Who We Are

We are a bunch of motorcycle-loving guys looking to educate the internet on the world of motors. We’re a happy mix of riders, ranging from scooter-riders to Harley Davidson-lovers. Everyone of us owns at least one motorcycle and between us we have more than 30 years of motor-expertise.

Most of us are changing up motorcycles at least a couple of times every second or third year, meaning we’ve been buying and selling a lot of MCs throughout the years. Lately we’ve come to realise the benefit of buying motorcycles online and come up with a guide on what to think about and the best places when considering buying motorcycles online. Simply check our list at the sidebar to find your type and get reading, because there are a couple of simple things you can do to save a lot of money and a couple of very common mistakes people do when getting into the business of purchasing their MC on the internet.

To name a few types, we are providing guides on buying dirt bikes, scooters, a couple of ducati models. We’ve also found very nice places for financing your motorcycle purchase as well as the best places for high quality motorcycle parts and gear.

We also try to keep track of current motorcycle events throughout the US and will be updating regularly with posts about festivals and conventions. If you feel we have missed an important event, please get in touch with us as we will try and make it next year!

Another important aspect of what we do is that of motorcycle safety, rules and laws and we try to embed these ingredients in every topic we touch, for everyone’s sake. We feel it is part of our responsibility to inform about the not so fun parts of riding as well, so bare with us when we get into the rules and regulations as well, because it really is very important!

Contact Us

We are always looking for feedback and ways to improve our service and website so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. That goes for any feedback, if you feel we’ve missed something, if you feel we are wrong about something or that we are not providing enough information or references on a certain subject, or if you just loved a post or page, please let us know! 🙂