ATVs For Sale Cheap

Finding the right ATV can be difficult, especially with all the different models and brands. We have found that no matter if you’re looking for a used ATV or a brand-new vehicle, you can always start at Amazon. There you’ll find mostly high quality, low-price ATV with reliable shipping.


 NameEngine Size (cc)Price
200B Quad 4 Wheelers Utility ATV169$1,272.00
X-PRO Kids ATV 4 Wheelers125$623.95
X-PRO 250 ATV Quad Four Wheelers200$1,437.00
Taotao BULL150 150cc Adult ATV150$1,331.01
X-PRO 110cc Quads Youth ATV110$662.00
X-PRO Kids ATV 4 Wheelers 40cc40$439.00
TaoTao Rhino 250 ATV 200cc200$1,449.00
X-PRO 125cc ATV with Automatic Transmission125$608.00
X-PRO 110cc ATV Quad Youth110$493.05

Here is our list of the top ATVs on the market today. Scroll down to see the entire list.

 NameEngine Size (cc)Price
200B Quad 4 Wheelers Utility ATV169$1,272.00
X-PRO Kids ATV 4 Wheelers125$623.95
X-PRO 250 ATV Quad Four Wheelers200$1,437.00
Taotao BULL150 150cc Adult ATV150$1,331.01
X-PRO 110cc Quads Youth ATV110$662.00
X-PRO Kids ATV 4 Wheelers 40cc40$439.00
TaoTao Rhino 250 ATV 200cc200$1,449.00
X-PRO 125cc ATV with Automatic Transmission125$608.00
X-PRO 110cc ATV Quad Youth110$493.05

ATV 200B Quad 4 Wheelers Utility ATV


This 4×4 quad is a beast. It has extra air-cooling for the engine, a frame with model large and tires of the size 23/22 inches. The engine is actually the unconventional 169cc. Equipped with both head- and tail- LED lights makes riding possible during any hour of the day. The transmission is automatic and has a reverse chain drive. Starting mechanism is electric and overall, this ATV is extremely easy to maneuver for anyone. They categorized this model for “big youth”, so you might not want to give this to your 10-yearold, but it still has a very wide range of usability. It features a 12V/9Ah battery and a maximum speed of about 40+ mph. With a double A-arm front suspension and a Regular Shock Absorber in the back, this makes one of the best ATVs we’ve seen on the market.

  • 169cc
  • Automatic
  • 4-Stroke Air-Cooled Engine
  • Head and Taillights

X-PRO Kids ATV 4 Wheelers


This ATV is a bit cheaper than the 200B Quad above, but it’s also somewhat smaller. With its 125cc, this model is mainly for kids. Just as its big brother, it features big head- and taillights as well as braking lights. A very cool feature is the remote-control option. If you’re worried parent, you can calmly keep an eye on your kid riding their new ATV from up 30 feet away, while still being able to stop the engine remotely. You can also set maximum speed on the right handlebar to down to 5 mph. Luggage racks on both front and rear allows you/your kid to carry stuff up wo about 142 lbs. Of course, transmission is automatic, and engine features a single cylinder. With a CDI ignition and an electric start system, we dare say this is one of the best ATVs for kids on the market today.

  • 125cc
  • Automatic
  • Remote Engine Kill Switch
  • Head and Taillights

X-PRO 250 ATV Quad Four Wheelers


This is a 200cc ATV. It has a manual transmission which lets you be fully in control of your ride. The X-PRO 250 Quad has 4 gears, excluding R. Max speed reaches more than 45 mph and 8.5 N.m/5500 rpm of torque. Drum front brakes and a hydraulic disc on the back wheels. It weighs 364 lbs and can carry about 309 lbs, so this is a lot of machine we’re talking about. You need to know what you’re doing if you’re planning to buy this ATV. It features foot brakes, speed limiter, an engine kill switch as well as both head- and taillights. Generally speaking, we’re very happy with X-PRO’s products overall, their 2-wheeled motocross bikes as well as their ATVs. Furthermore, it is one of the best reviewed 200cc ATVs on Amazon, so we can gladly recommend this monster, as long as you’re an experienced rider.

  • 200cc
  • Manual Transmission
  • 4 Gears
  • Top Speed: 45 mph

Taotao BULL150 150cc Adult ATV


The Bull from TaoTao truly earned its name. This 150cc ATV features an automatic transmission an electric starter, CDI ignition and a single cylinder. This is a fast ATV, with a maximum of more than 55 mph, it dwarfs many of its competitors in terms of velocity. It is actually approved by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), something pretty uncommon among ATVs. The main audience for this vehicle is teens and young adults. With its 150cc it’s a fairly powerful ATV that you most likely don’t want to give to your kids. It does feature a speed limiter, which will help worried parents when their teenager wants to go out for a spin by themselves. Taotao is also one of our favorite brands, their dirt bikes as well as ATVs are mostly of high quality and have long life expectancies.

  • 150cc
  • Automatic
  • Speed limiter
  • Top Speed: 55+ mph

X-PRO 110cc Quads Youth ATV


The 110cc Quads Youth from X-Pro is a kid’s ATV and one of the better youth ATVs we’ve seen on the market so far. It has all the necessary safety features, like speed limiter, remote stop and an engine kill switch. It’s very lightweight – 185 lbs – making it easy to maneuver, it has an automatic transmission and with the element of hand-operated clutch removed, your kid will have an easy time getting into the riding experience. The tires offer great grip in most conditions and will allow for great roadholding. The price is fairly high for this small of an ATV, but with everything that comes with it, we believe it’s fair. Lastly, this is actually the only kid’s ATV we’ve seen to receive no negative reviews on Amazon, which is pretty impressive by itself and we feel confident when saying this might be the absolute best ATV for kids today.

  • 110cc
  • Remote Stop
  • Engine Kill Switch
  • Speed limiter

What to consider when buying an ATV

First off, think about what the purpose is for the purchase. You may want to use it to plow the street outside your house during winter, or you might want to go off-road for an intensive ride. Is the ATV for the kids or for you? There are also different types of propulsion, some ATVs are electric, other driven by gas, not to mention the different types of cc number of the engine. It’s also a matter of how many people will be using it at the same time, is it enough with a single or do you need a side-by-side ATV? You also need to take weight and height into consideration.

We’re not trying to scare you or making things complicated, but most of these questions are important to think about before setting out to buy an ATV.

Dealership or Online

There are pros and cons with both of these options. There are dealers that specializes in off-road vehicles such as ATVs, UTVs and dirt/pit bikes. At those places, the staff normally knows a lot about their products, and you’ll be able to ask a lot of detailed questions. Another great thing with dealerships, is you in most cases will be able to do a test ride. This is great, as all ATVs aren’t created equal and a certain model might look great, but it might not fit your riding style. At dealers, you might also be able to negotiate a better deal as they are often proper salespeople and will often appreciate a challenge.

Nowadays, a lot of retail is happening online, and the auto-trade is no exception. All the bigger brands, like Honda, SHERP, Yamaha, Argo and Polaris are all selling their ATVs online. The good thing about buying an ATV online is that you can sit at home, in peace and compare the different options of price, cc and color of the vehicle. Of course, the obvious downside of this is that you won’t be able to take it for a test ride.

So, should you or should you not buy your ATV from an online store? The short answer is that a lot of people are doing it, and, in most cases, it works out well.

Cost of an ATV

The price of an ATV depends a bit on if you’re buying a used ATV “for sale” or a completely new one. Used ATVs can be found on anything from Craigslist to eBay but caution should be practice when buying a secondhand vehicle of any type. You really need to be picky or extremely skilled/knowledgeable when going after used ATVs. I say knowledgeable because a bit of a project might be exactly what you’re looking for. If you know what you’re doing and want to get a cheap ATV to fix up, be my guest. But if not, really make sure the ride is in good condition, because the initial price might be low, but when it breaks down within a week or two of buying it, you’ll have to go to a repair shop to get it fixed, and the price tag will increase instantly. Not to mention the risk of riding a flawed ATV – it can be right out dangerous.

Types of ATVs

There are a number of things that differs between different models and brands of ATV. It’s size, gear system, propulsion, type of fuel and so on. Here we’ll break down the different choice you have to make when buying an ATV.

Engine Size

The ATV engine comes in several different cubic centimeter numbers: 50cc, 90cc, 110cc, 125cc, 150cc, 200cc and 250cc to be precise. A rule of thumb here is that the higher the cc number, the stronger and more powerful the engine is going to be. It’s the same idea with most motorcycles and off-road bikes as well as motocross. Here the purpose for the ATV becomes very important, will you be using it to plow the driveway or simply as means of transportation? Will you be using it with an ATV trailer or by itself? If you’re required to do pushing or pulling, you’ll want to look at the higher ccs (<150cc). Your won size will matter a bit also, if you’re a tall and, generally speaking, heavier person, you might want to look at the higher ccs as well. If the ATV is for your youngster, you will probably want to buy 50cc-90cc, depending on the age of course. Lastly, your riding experience matters as well. With a more powerful engine comes more responsibility, the damage you can make with a 250cc ATV is quite substantial and should not be underestimated. So, if you’re an adult, but is rather new to riding, you might want to look at 150cc-200cc.

4×4 and 4×2

The difference between a 4×2 ATV and a 4×4 quad, is basically the number of propelling wheels the vehicle has. In a 4×4 ATV, all four wheels will carry you forward, whereas in a 4×2, only two. Now, there is debate on which one you should choose. Some people say you need 4×4 drive to be able to go through all types and depths of mud, while other say it’s just a matter of being able to position your body weight properly. A 4×4 will weigh a lot more than a 4×2 which means a lot more ATV to handle. So, if you’re experienced, you will be able to handle a 4×4, but you won’t need to and if you’re inexperienced, you will need a 4×4 but won’t be able to handle it, annoying right? In our opinion, if you’re a newbie, you should start with a 4×2 and ride in easier tracks if you’re compelled to drive off-road or by other means, get enough experience to be able to decide for yourself if you want a 4×4 or a 4×2.

Electric or Gas

Should I get an electric ATV or gas? This is one of the most common questions we get asked, not only for ATVs, but for UTVs, pit and dirt bikes as well as scooters and mopeds. The general answer we normally give, is that electric propulsion is cheaper, more environmentally friendly and lighter. Gas or petrol driven ATVs or any other vehicle, is generally more powerful and has a longer range. Batteries today are a lot more capable than 10 or even 5 years ago, but they still have a long way to go to be able to compete with gas when it comes to how long you will be able to drive your ATV and how much it will be able to push and pull. So again, the choice comes down to usage. If you’re going to be pulling a heavy ATV trailer behind you or push tons of snow in front of you, you might have to consider investing in a gas driven ATV. If you’re only planning to use it for fun, an electric ATV might be enough, especially since electricity is much cheaper than gas.


How much is an ATV?

The cost of an ATV depends on a couple of factors: type, size, engine and purpose. But generally speaking, you’ll find the price between $1,500 for a cheap kid’s ATV to around $10,000 for the largest, strongest ATVs on the market.

What is a side by side ATV?

A side-by-side ATV is exactly what it sounds like, it gives you the opportunity to have two people sitting side by side, instead of, as in the classical ATV’s case, just a single person, riding alone, sitting in the middle of the ATV.

What does ATV stand for?

ATV simply stands for All Vehicle Terrain.

How much is my ATV worth?

The value of an ATV is decided by a number of factors, such as type, make, year and current state. Simply put, the ATV will lose value depending on how old it is and how well its been taken care of. The KBB (Kelley Blue Book) offers an option to check your specific vehicle, by using a small number of stats about your ATV to estimate a price.

How to tell if starter solenoid is bad on ATV?

You can use the red probe from the battery cable. Use this to touch the side of your solenoid just where the cable was removed. Now you can read the voltage and if the value you get is at 0, it most likely means that the solenoid has gone bad.

How to mount ATV tires?

1. Valve Stem

First thing you need to do is to lube up the wheel’s inside. Next, onto the valve stem we thread the valve stem tool and push it down firmly. If done correctly, the stem should pop into position by itself. Now we take off the stem tool and with it, we take the guts positioned on the valve stem.

2. Directionality

Depending on the make, the tire might be directional. This can be distinguished by an arrow on the sidewall. If there is no arrow, it’s a non-directional tire and you don’t need to worry about which way the tire is coming on. What’s important here is that if there is an arrow, this should be pointed in the forward direction of the ATV.

3. Tire Bead

Now we need to clean the bead to make sure it’s completely free from dust and other debris. After that, it’s time to lube up in- and outside of the bead. This is important, as otherwise it’s gonna be very difficult to get it onto the wheel.

4. Tire Position and Mounting

Mounting the tire can be done in different ways, depending on the type. Either you can have the tire on the bottom, laying on the floor and slowly push the tire onto it, or you can do it the other way around. Try both ways to see which is the easiest.

Once the first bead is over, you need to use tools to get the second bead in position. 3-4 tire spoons should be enough. For this you’ll also need lube.

5. Inflating Air

The tires won’t fall into their final positions until you start pumping air into them. Practice caution and let air flow in until you hear a loud pop. Now let all the air out again.

6. Fill it up

When the air is out, we reinstall the valve stem guts and we are finally ready to fill the tire up with the air compressor to a desired pressure. Again, here we need to practice caution.