Where To Buy a Ducati Streetfighter

If you are looking for a used Ducati Streetfighter for sale, there are several things to consider before buying one. Pricing, condition and the technology are just some of the things but in general, eBay is a good place to start looking. Scroll down to read our guide on what to think about when you buy ducati streetfighter.

Used Ducati Street Fighters

Things To Consider When Buying Used Ducati Streetfighter

Buying a used Ducati bike is usually better than buying a new one due to the high price associated with purchasing a brand new Ducati. You can get a top-quality pre-owned bike that will last on the track or road for as long as you would want. However, there’re some key things that you’ll need to reflect on before buying.


Used motorcycles are way cheaper than new ones. When you go for a pre-owned motorbike, you will be saved from coughing fees such as dealer fees and delivery charges. Additionally, the motorbike has been depreciating since it was first bought. It’s the same with a used motor scooters.


The reason why you can get a used Ducati motorbike for so much less compared to a new one, apart from the fact that the motorcycle has been used and ridden of its newness, is that after purchasing it, there won’t be any turning back. For a used bike, it comes with many unknowns that aren’t covered. On the other hand, a new motorcycle will come with a one or two year warranty to cover mechanical faults. It’s crucial that you check the service report of the used Ducati advertised for sale because if you’re going to repair the brakes, replace tires and the chain shortly after buying it, then you may have to factor in $1000 or so more in the price.


New motorcycles are endowed with new technology. As motorbikes get faster, manufacturers are also adding technological features to help you remain safe and enjoy your ride. It’s important that you delve deeper into used Ducati motorcycles to know how they’ve incorporated these technologies. There are various choices across the board,and a little research will go a long way toward giving you precisely what you need for the long term.

Ducati History

In 2012, Ducati introduced the 848 Streetfighter range in a bid to fill a gap in its lineups. The company had achieved the enviable feat of creating a naked streetbike when it made the Streetfighter 1098. However, the 1098 was way too powerful to allow for safe and comfortable riding for the majority of people and thus this beast needed some sort of taming because, you know, Ducati is a polite company.

Then came the Testastretta powered Streetfighter 848 which still retains a great deal of the power and performance of the its preceding Streetfighter model, and comes with much better side-to-side response owing to the frame geometry transformations which ensures that it’s more suitable for the streets, even though it’s somewhat a far cry from being termed as family friendly.

Ducati Streetfighter Design

The Streetfighter range has always been the embodiment of a perfect combination of elegance and aggression, and the 848 did exactly that. Arguably, the Streetfighter 1098 is more aggressive than its successor. With the 848, the rider is able to sit in a slightly more straight position, even though it’s a naked motorcycle with superbike-esque performance.

The 848 design is highly minimalist seeing that the bike comes with only what is essential for it to complete its job and carries no excess fat. The exposed frame members draw attention to the absence of body panels, with the contracted L-twin engine keeping the frame compacted with a well-defined waist. This works to allow for comfy riding position for your legs,as well as a fairly straightforward and easy way to put your feet down whenever you need to.

Molded lights as well as a smallish instrument display maintain well-designed and clean appearance of the bike, although the display could come across as very small for some people, and its positioning relative to a rider’s head positioningmakes the display not to be immediately visible most of the times. It isn’t very relaxing when you have to shift your head almost too much for the gauges to be visible, and this fact may put off some riders. However, it isn’t a deal breaker really, but something that may require patience to get used to.

The bare Trellis frames have a way of adding much to the appearance of street bikes. The Streetfighter doesn’t cover its bones with a coat of the famous Ducati red paint that’s common when Ducati sports bikes compete in the various MotoGP and other racing contests. The frame is made up of ALS 450 stainless steel alloy which is well-known for its resistance to corrosion, durability, as well as elasticity.

There’s also an aluminum single-sided swing-arm that completes the bones and ensures that the unsprang weight is low-slung at the tail end. Still at the rear, the Sachs monoshock enables for rebound damping and compression, just as enabled by the fully adjustable Marzocchi forks at the front with variable preload. The suspension components at either end provide a 5-inch movement at the axle. Ducati took more measures to maintain low-slung unsprang weight by going for lightweight, alloy rims mounted on the 17-inch race rated Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa tires. Brembo provides the braking system of the 848 Streetfighter. The vanilla brakes are easier to repair and maintain as well as an honest and better connection between the rider and the machine.

The Testastretta engine powering the 848 gives you optimal street smoothness as well as usable power band. The valve overlap, where the intake and exhaust spigots are both not closed, was reduced from 37 degrees in the Streetfighter 1098 to only 11 degrees in the 848 in order to maintain fresh air-fuel charges with minimal waste-gas contamination.

Ducati Streetfighter Pricing

The Ducati Streetfighter 848 has a reasonable price tag of a new machine at $13,495.It is somewhat too reasonable for the performance given by this motorbike. Many are the times when the price tag of high performance bikes is used to bar inexperienced riders from these machines. In the case of the Streetfighter 848 however, the price is very close to that of most entry-level machines. Still, you can purchase a cheap Ducati Streetfighter by going for the cheap pre-owned Ducati Streetfighter bikes (more on this below). If you’re a novice rider and you happen to own a Streetfighter, you will need the guardianship of angels for you to keep riding the bike unscathed and still not lose your license.

Ducati Street Fighter FAQ

How much does a Ducati Street Fighter cost?

A used Ducati Street Fighter normally goes for about $8,000-10,000. But this is for one that is well taken care of. You’ll be sure to find something cheaper if you’re willing to go down in quality a bit and perhaps work a little bit on it yourself. A completely new Street Fighter however will cost almost the double, around $20,000 is normally where you’ll end up at most dealers. Read more about how you can borrow money to buy your motorcycle.

Where can I buy a used Ducati Street Fighter?

There are several listing sites where you can find and buy used motorcycles, including the Ducati Street Fighter. Some of them are eBay, Craigslist and Autotrader. Be careful when shopping on these sites, never pay before you’ve seen the bike for example.

Why did Ducati get rid of Steet Fighter?

The Street Fighter wasn’t performing very well in the dealerships, in fact the Ducati Monster was doing much better and people seemed to prefer this model instead. There is a rumor that the Street Fighter will be back in 2021, but nothing has been confirmed yet.