The Complete Guide On Buying a Harley Davidson Bike

When looking for a Harley Davidson Motorcycle for sale, there are a couple of  things to consider. It’s not exactly the same as to buy a dirt bike, but in general a good idea is to start by looking on eBay. Buying a used Harley Davidson may be the best idea, but despite the fact that eBay are most famous for their second hand market, they offer new bikes and motorcycles as well.

Buying A Harley Davidson

This company has been in business for 112 years and has recorded tremendous success in the delivery of quality bikes all over the world. Their expertise in designing, making and assembling heavyweight bikes has always paid off. Harley Davidson models come with a highly credible brand image in the motor bike sector, keeping competitors on their toes.

Harley Davidson makes the most trusted bikes for cruising, touring as well as three wheeled bikes for recreation. Their products are known worldwide for their exclusive design, style and exhaust sound. They move with the trends, ensuring their customers of the latest technology in modifications to suit different segments of their target market. It should be noted that this company contributed significantly to the invention of the modern chopper.

Being a market leader, the company commands respect among its customers with a battery of various models for cruising on different terrains and going on adventure rides. Harley Davidson trikes also come with a unique design. They have created status symbols that are sustainable, affordable and adaptable to any future technology advancements.

This Wisconsin-based bike maker has catered for all demographic aspects of its wide and potential customer base. It manufactures bikes for all ages, for men and women, all locations and for all price ranges without discriminating brand loyalists with shallow pockets. Harley Davidson parts are available in dealer shops when you need replacements.

Vintage Harley Davidson Bikes

Harley Fatboy

This bike has an authoritative new gloss black Screamin’ Eaglewill whose engine is an air-cooled twin Cam 110B. With a weight of 694lbs, its thick chrome is accompanied by solid disc wheels and customized metal fenders. It has floorboards, covered wiring and a hand-laced leather tank panel. It has appeared in movies like Wild Hogs and Renegade. The model will give you a very comfortable ride when heading upcountry, and you will need at least USD6750 to get one.

Harley Sportster 883

Another great innovation; with an 883 cc engine that generates 53.8 pound-feet of torque at 3,750 rpm you fuel economy is cut to 51 mpg. It has a closed-loop exhaust system with heated hydrogen sensors to control emissions. You will ride on a low laden seat height of 25.7 inches with drag bars and mount controls to fit riders of all heights. It weighs 562 pounds together with the rider and has an ABS as an optional breaking system. You will need to pay up a minimum of USD8400 to enjoy it.

Harley Davidson Softail

Softail means that the motorcycle has a hidden rear suspension system containing shock absorbers to absorb bumps, rough terrain and potholes. Most of the have a military theme. New riders will appreciate an engine of Screamin’ Eagle air-cooled Twin Cam 110B. It has a dark, fork slider covers, lower forks, triple clamp and riser and a gloss black headlamp ring. It also has that old iron attitude that is blended with dark brake levers, mirrors, and over&under shotgun exhaust of a slash cut muffler. You must part with USD18500 to let it turn on your world.

Key Considerations Before Buying

Brand new motorcycle

You need to think about a number of things when buying a new Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Know your lifestyle

What is your main purpose of looking for a motor bike? If you like going out for adventure, looking for a cruiser bike would be clumsy. You only need a cool cycle for slow and relatively short distances to view waterfalls, landscapes, watch birds and wild game. If you travel a lot up country, you are going to require a bike designed for long rides like a Harley Davidson Road King. A bike with whistles, foot warmers, mp3 speaker surround and cruise control has the ability to keep you busy, focused and confident in your long journey. An off road bike would fit your lifestyle.

If you are left handed, don’t strain to get a bike for right handed persons just because they have a better design or are more available. That would be putting all your ride in danger because you are training your brain and hands what they were not created to do.

A Harley Fatboy will not fit your racing lifestyle like a Harley Sportster 883. Your heart could be specifically yearning for Vintage Harley Davidson since Harley Davidson Softail that uses iron or aluminum for making the cylinder has never impressed you.

If your body size is that of Michael Jackson, don’t buy a bike that Rick Ross would enjoy riding. Look for the best size that fits your weight and height. Everyone will laugh at you when you sit on a bike whose gears and brakes you cannot reach. For starters always go with a medium size like a 250 cc 2014 Harley Davidson, which will be easier to learn before you know your exact size. Take a cycling course if you have never rode a bike before.


Do both qualitative and quantitative research to get to a point that matches what you are looking for. Talk to friends who are experienced riders. Ask them about the best models in the market. Their opinions, both positive and negative can be invaluable in your decision making process. Go online and search for articles relating the same. Watch numerous documentaries about motorcycles on YouTube and other video channels. Know which bike sizes are good for you. Look at what models are available in your location. The Harley Davidson rocker you are searching for may be absent in your country.

Get the name of the model you want and search for it on the internet. Go to its reviews. Read what users of the bike are saying. Make sure you visit a number of sites. Don’t rely on one source. Corroborate the information you get on different sites.


Large and sophisticated motor bikes will attract higher premiums compared to medium and smaller ones. Think of the best insurance company that gives comprehensive or general motor cover insurance policies. Never choose an insurer that has a history of breaching insurance contracts once the insured risk occurs. The amount of premiums will be determined by the level of safety, the price and model of your bike. Know the amounts for each class of bikes. For example, a 2009 Harley Davidson street glide for sale could attract cheaper premiums than more accident prone types.

Take a safety course to reduce your insurance rates. Experienced riders are encouraged to take advanced classes to sharpen their skills.

Place of purchase

Now, buying a Harley isn’t exactly the same as buying a 50cc motocross or dirt bike, Know the benefits and drawbacks of buying from independent dealers, manufacturer or online. Dealers could be slightly expensive because they are middlemen though they have a wide variety from which to choose your favorite motor cycle. Always ensure you are buying from an authorized Harley Davidson dealer. This can get quite expensive, so you might want to look into sources of financing.

Buying straight from the manufacturer could be better because of the likelihood of price negotiations. Make sure you get a warranty for your motor cycle to cover any damages or faults. Make sure the Harley Davidson apparel is available in the store you want to buy your motorbike. This company will offer you very competitive prices and a range to choose from.

Online purchasing is also another option especially if the model you want only exists in a foreign country. Prices in e-commerce platforms such as eBay are usually standardized so the possibility of being overcharged is low. The only con is that it may take time before it reaches your doorstep.

Inspection and testing

Never leave the store until you are sure your product is in excellent working condition. Why rush only to call the dealer when you get home to complain about some faulty braking? Buy from stores that allow a road test. If you don’t know how to ride, ask one of the store assistants who is around your size to ride it at different speeds. This is when you know whether you are buying what you want; a bike that matches your size.

Check whether the Harley Davidson clothing provided is genuine. Get it inspected by a qualified mechanic for any problems. This will help you know whether you are buying a genuine product or not.


What is your budget on the Harley Davidson Night Train you want? A Harley doesn’t exactly have the cost of a motor scooter. You only decide on a budget after knowing what bike best fits your lifestyle. Then look at the list for bikes against their prices. Sometimes you will be forced to adjust your budget by scaling it up or down depending on the availability of what you want after reading reviews. Only buy what you can afford.

The price margin between what you had set aside and your new budget should be minimal. Know the dealers who provide the best value for your money. If you are not in a hurry, reject any dealer’s price that is higher than eBay prices. Beware of online scams on some sites.

Check whether there will be additional costs like shipping in the case of e-commerce transactions. Agree on the payment methods before you send your money. Know which payment means are available and accepted by the dealer or website.


A 600cc will have higher maintenance costs in terms of fuel consumption and cost of spare parts than a bunch of others. Tires, drive belt, chain, and spark plugs need to be replaced after some time. Rare tires need to be changed each time you cover 3,000 miles. Their cost is dependent on the model and size of the motor cycle. From time to time, you will be taking your bike for a service, where you will splash more cash. Fuel, oil changes and valve adjustments will leave your wallet short by between USD800 and USD1500. Smaller bikes will be less costly to maintain.

New or Used Harley

Many riders opt for second hand Harley Davidson bikes mainly because of tight budgets. However, a purchase remains a purchase and you need to make the right decision because it is your cash you are parting with. Don’t be hasty even if you have been riding all sorts of motor bikes in your life. When looking for something like a used Harley Davidson street glide for sale, take your time because such models need exhaustive research.


Check the functioning condition of the used bike you want to buy. If it is too worn out and looks old then it means it has not been taken for service for a long time. Are there strong treads on the tires? What parts are missing? Answer those queries. However, you cannot know the condition of a bike only by looking at it. Ride it on different road textures then take it to a mechanic for further inspection. After all, you don’t know exactly why the owner wants to part company with it. If the Harley Davidson jackets you get are torn or worn out, you already know the bike is not as new as put out.


Ask for a receipt from the seller to know the date it was purchased. Because they can lie about that, also check the mileage. A bike bought a month ago could have covered more miles than a bike bought two years ago. More mileage means the engine has been running for a long time and will require fixing or replacement sometime in the future. Some used Harley Davidson ultra-classic motorcycles for sale could be have low mileage, and that will mean a better capacity to last.


Before the seller tells you how they are selling the bike, ask them how much they bought it for. This will help you to know whether the model is genuine or not. If you trust them, ask for the receipt. This will also show you which dealer sold it in the first place. Is it from a Harley Davidson store? If yes, you are safe. Some dealers have a reputation of selling defective products and what they do is repair them a little bit to appear fit during test drives. Now table your own price after considering the level of depreciation and the state of the bike for the rest of its life span. Don’t buy a second hand bike at a price you could have got a new one of the same size and design.

Breakdown History

Ask how many times it has broken down in the past. The frequency talks volumes about its quality. The number of times it has frequented repair centers tells a lot. How many parts have been replaced and how many times?

Current User

The seller’s lifestyle should match yours if you are a serious buyer. If you are a man of laid back habits, don’t buy a bike from a racer of violent demeanor. Know the style of the person selling the bike to you. Smooth riders always take care of their bikes.

Always ensure you pay immediately and in full for a used bike. Installments are more expensive. Pick it up soon after the sale and get a the receipt, signed off title, manual, helmet, signed bill of sale, accurate mileage statement, keys and any other accessories that are part of the sale. If you land something in the mold of used Harley Davidson Ultra Classic motorcycles for sale, always ask for protective gear.

Always make an informed purchasing decision. Every Harley Davidson price is friendly to customer wallets. Old Harleys for sale are available in dealer shops for a good price. Custom Harleys for sale that have gained demand will give you quality service.

Harley Davidson FAQ

How much is a Harley Davidson?

The price for the cheapest Harley – Harley Davidson Street 500 – is around $7,000 and the most expensive, CVO Limited Touring Harley, is $44,000. The average lands at around $20,000.

Who owns Harley Davidson?

The company was founded by William, Arthur and Walter Davidson and is, today (2020), owned by Harley Davidson Motor Co Group LLC and the CEO is Matthew Levatich.

Where are Harley Davidson motorcycles made?

Harley Davidson has factories situated in Kansas City, Missouri, Milwaukee, York. In addition, outside of the US, there are also manufacturers in Manaus in Brazil and Bawal in India.

How much does a Harley Davidson weigh?

This depends a bit on which model you’re asking about, but it ranges between 540- 905lbs.