Motorcycle Mirrors

This is where you find the best places to buy motorcycle mirrors. Whether you are looking for motorcycle bar end mirrors, fairing mounted mirrors or universal mirrors, we are certain you will find a seller that fits your needs.

Although mirrors for motorcycles come in different sizes and shapes, they are all designed with a high degree of adjustability to conform to the rider’s position and height. Regardless of the kind of motorcycle mirrors a motorcyclist chooses, they must be securely mounted, so the rider doesn’t have to peep back to see oncoming vehicles.

Considerations When Buying Motorcycle Mirrors

When contemplating buying motorcycle mirrors, there is a wide range of options of fittings, stems and mirror faces in the marketplace to think about. However, the most important thing is to get the right pair that would enable you to get the best view of anything behind you and guarantee your safety on the open road. Here are things you need to look for when buying motorcycle mirrors:


The pricing of motorcycle mirrors pretty much depends on a set of factors including make and model of the motorbike to be fitted with the mirrors and technology involved in the manufacture (such as expenses related to research and development of the innovative mirror features). For example, LED motorcycle mirrors are more expensive than the regular ones at the handlebars or motorcycle wing mirrors. Motorbike mirrors designed by reputable companies tend to be a lot more expensive. In such scenario, the buyer is well aware that they are catering for both the brand name and quality of the product.

These days, motorcycle mirrors for sale are found everywhere, including online and buyers naturally slant towards purchasing brands that resonate with their taste. Nonetheless, customers should recognize that products from less known brands might as well be less costly than those from renowned brands. If you are fixing to make a purchase, reading customer reviews from authenticated sites could help. The sentiments of a real user could provide vital information when looking to buy motorcycle mirrors. Customers must also understand that even the renowned motorcycle manufacturers and dealers sell aftermarket motorcycle mirrors; the units are made by other companies, and they simply fix them to their bikes.

Type of products for your motorcycle

With such an overwhelming range of options, it’s best to make up your mind on the type of mirror you need and whether they are the best suited for your motorbike. Below is a look at different types and the kinds of motorbikes they are suited for:

Bar End Mirrors

Sometimes referred to as motorcycle rear view mirrors, bar end mirrors are typically mounted on the extreme end of the handlebars and tightened using a collar. They are preferred by motorcyclists who acknowledge that their current mirrors reveal only their elbows or inhibit clear view.

Fairing Mounted Mirrors

They are synonymous with sports bikes or motorbikes consisting of front fairing and mirrors that are supported along the fairing using bolts.

Bar Mounted Mirrors

These are fixed to the motorcycle using threaded handlebar mounts that are effortlessly fitted by simply turning the mirror and utilizing a collar to tighten. This allows the rider to fit different types of mirrors to their bike.

Turn Signal Mirrors

They can be either fairy mounted or bar. These are motorcycle mirrors with turn signals or indicator that’s inbuilt at the back of the mirror, which allows oncoming drivers to easily visualize the rider’s intentions on the road.

Blind Spot Mirrors

Blind spot mirrors are naturally small in size and are fixed to the larger mirror faces to get rid of the blind spot that occurs on the side of the motorcyclist.

When choosing the color of your motorcycle mirrors, you have two straightforward options; black or chrome. The black motorcycle mirrors mirrors tend to be made of hard materials that can last longer. The chrome mirrors are mostly silver-plated and are not as durable as black ones. Most riders prefer these since they don’t reflect any light to your eyes. Silver-plated ones can reflect light and inhibit your visibility.

Universal Motorcycle Mirrors

These are custom motorcycle mirrors designed to fit into any bike, whether the motorcyclist is riding a low-down cruiser, sports bike, or street fighter. They come in a huge range of design and color to suit your bike’s preference.

Motorcycle Mirror Extenders

Mirror extenders are designed to be fixed or screwed into the current mirror mount on the motorcycle handlebars. Mirror extenders enable a rider to utilize their rearview to see the road and not their shoulder, enhancing rearview visibility in the course of riding.


The type of design a rider chooses for their motorbike depends a lot on the overall appearance they want their bike to have. A buyer must look at all the components and parts of their motorbikes such as seat covers, custom parts and any accessories they may have incorporated. If a rider is going with a particular theme, they might want to choose motorcycle mirrors that will correspond with the theme. For example, riders whose bikes are decorated with skeletal elements should consider buying mirrors with skull claws enveloped all-around them. Other mirror designs you can base your selection upon include flame, scythe, Scimitar and so on.