Where To Buy A T-Rex Motorcycle

Depending on what model you are looking to buy and if you are looking for a used T-Rex motorcycle for sale or a brand new one, different places can be recommended, and you can often contact the store of the particular brand you are looking to buy from. The price of a T-Rex motorcycle is quite high ($30,000-$70,000). One of the best places that sells T-Rex’s is eBay, they have several different models and a mixture of new and used motorcycles. So it is a good place to start looking.

T-Rex Motorcycles For Sale

More About T-Rex Motorcycles

The popularity of motorbikes has continued to grow in leaps and bounds. However, there’s one particular type of motorbike that has gained worldwide acclaim. That motorbike is the three wheeler T-Rex bike manufactured by the Canada based Campagna Company. Three wheelers are generally manufactured for only two but totally different reasons:

  • Budget or
  • Fun and Luxury

These differences can be defined by the wheels’ layout. The vehicles with one tire in front are normally super-cheap and designed for basic working transportation, for example India’s auto rickshaws. On the other hand, three wheelers with one wheel at the rear are vehicles that aren’t made for practicality, but for fun and adrenaline. The best example here is the T-Rex motorcycle. The concise information in this post will have anybody looking to buy T-Rex motorcycle on their toes.

Conventional motorbikes just can’t match the power, style and majesty of T-Rex bikes due to a number of varied reasons. Generally, it’s mainly because a T-Rex trike excels to the greatest degree in all motorcycling aspects. Whether it’s accelerating, turning or braking, the T-Rex auto offers the rider an exceptional riding experience. Unquestionably, many experienced motorbike riders who have switched to the T-Rex motor have been purely amazed by just how the T-Rex vehicle turns out to be better than the regular two-wheeled motorbikes. If you’re riding enthusiast, the roaring engine of the T-Rex 3 wheeler alone is enough to make you ask: ‘Where can I buy a T-Rex motorcycle?’ First off, this process is quite similar to buying a scooter online, so don’t fret and just keep reading.

The 3 wheel motorcycle T-Rex offer sharp contrast to the traditional two-wheel bikes – undoubtedly, these machines are in a class of their own, something that also explains the high T-Rex motorcycle price particularly when they’re new. Definitely, the three wheels aren’t applied into the motorcycle’s design just because it is cool. Rather, the 3 wheels implemented in the bike’s design enables it to perform tasks like braking as well as acceleration with so high levels of efficiency that aren’t achievable with conventional motorcycles. Indeed, the three wheels of the machine is one of the reasons why more and more people are searching for T-Rex bike for sale as they come to terms with the fact that this is a truly amazing motorcycle. Those who cannot afford the high T-Rex motorcycle cost when the bike is new, consider the option of buying used T-Rex motorcycle for sale cheap.

Features of T-Rex Motorbike

T-Rex trikes come with a drive line of 6-speed manual transmission. This enables the rider to have a great deal of control over the motorbike’s power. As such, the trike is an incredibly versatile type of motorbikes. The bike does quite well when used for daily transportation even in areas that are somewhat densely populated. Furthermore, the bike can transform into a monster mile cruncher if put to the task of freely accelerating in wide and open areas.

The motorcycle attributes of the T-Rex are evident in its cockpit. Importantly, the whole cockpit is ergonomically designed and made to enable maximum comfort and enjoyment when riding. Moreover, the cockpit comes with a passenger seat that is side to side with the driver’s seat. This means that the rider can easily take a friend with him, which makes it possible to have truly unforgettable riding experiences. The cockpit also has a glove compartment as well as a carbon fiber deflector that make the experience even more exhilarating, and at the same time comfortable and safe. In addition, the motorbike has a sports steering wheel that makes turning and undertaking other maneuvers much more efficient than the traditional handles utilized by the regular bikes.

A good number of riders of the regular motorbikes complain that they aren’t able to listen to their favorite music tunes as they should. Although there are particular helmets that come with a Bluetooth feature to enhance the experience of conventional riders listening to music, it just isn’t comparable to the T-Rex’s sound system. The audio system of the bike is a remarkable 180 watt system that’s AUX, iPod/iPhone and Bluetooth compatible. This is another reason why many music lovers are looking for T-Rex trike for sale because they can play all their favorite tunes through amazingly quality speakers as they ride the bike.

Probably the most incredible feature and main motivator for people going to the nearest T-Rex motorcycle dealer and inquiring about T-Rex vehicle price is the design of the machine. Anybody would find it difficult to get motorbikes that come close to the coolness of the T-Rex range of motorbikes. These bikes are available in a wide array of unarguably magnificent colors including some dubbed as atomic green and pearl mist. Actually, the design of the bike makes it appear like an amalgam of a motorbike and a racing car, and thus an extraordinarily unique as well as cool bike that anybody would be thrilled to ride.

There’s no way you’ll ride the T-Rex without turning the heads of onlookers. If you’re shunning attention, this is probably not the mode of transportation you should be using. This is because the motorcycle comes across as strange due its car-like appearance and even though it surely thrills some people, others get really scared by its design, leave alone its monstrous speed and engine roaring. It is a bike that comes with stability that regular motorcycles don’t have and when left to accelerate in the open, it is capable of top speeds cars cannot come close to.


Established at the beginning of the 1990s in the Canadian province of Quebec, the Campagna Corporation found its niche in the automotive industry by developing the first prototype of T-Rex in 1994. Daniel Campagna founded the company and dedicated more than 8 years developing the T-Rex. He personally handcrafted the first trikes. Campagna has since put together a team of creative technicians to carry on with the vision, mission as well as the T-Rex heritage.

Daniel Campagna wasn’t a novice in the automotive industry. Apart from taking part in Formula Ford championships that were hosted in Quebec in 1976, 1977 and 1979, Campagna created the Voodoo off-road racer in 1982 before building the 1984 twin-track snowmobile. Additionally, he was part of the team of mechanics that worked with legendary Formula 1 star – Giles Villeneuve.

During the initial years, Rex car sales were simply decent but nothing more. The market was seemingly not ready for such a machine at the time. In the 90s as well as in the beginning of 2000s, people were immersed in customizing and tuning cars rather than plunking down more than $50,000 into custom T-Rex motorcycle. Honestly, the high T-Rex Campagna price tag is the chief reason why driving these amazing machines has remained at the background of the whole lot of automotive. The price is still a great inhabitant even today as many people actually only look for used Campagna T-Rex because they’re the ones they can come close to affording. Indeed, some people look for T-Rex motorcycle frame for sale to try building and replicating the vehicle by themselves at home.

T-Rex Alternatives

The T-Rex is special. It’s visceral, and not for the faint hearted. However, there’s no T-Rex for sale cheap and the current price tag is nothing short of $54,000. This bike is arguably the biggest bang for your money, or is it?

At that Kawasaki T-Rex price, you could purchase a Chevrolet Corvette model at about $48,000 and still be left with enough bucks to purchase one of the leading 250cc motorcycles for sale for about $5,000 when you get a good deal. When you buy these two machines instead of the Kawasaki T-Rex, they’ll still be capable of providing you with incredible thrills. Indeed, you can add just a few bucks on the T-Rex price and get yourself a completely new BMW M3 or even M4 Sedan for about $55,000, and this one can as well provide mind-blowing power and push the bounds of your capabilities to all new levels. If crazy bikes are your thing, you can acquire a Ducati Monster at the T-Rex vehicle price or less.

There’re also other three-wheeler machines in the market apart from the T-Rex. The Can-Am Spyder trike is basically a 3-wheeler motorbike whereby the rider sits upright and maneuvers using handlebars and not a sports steering wheel like in the case of Campagna T-Rex. Although it’s quick, the double cylinder 100 horsepower of Spyder trike doesn’t provide a performance that can match the one offered by T-Rex. However, Can-Am Spyder price tag is also only half as much.

The Ariel Atom offers better competition to T-Rex. The roofless and door less Atom is powered by a performance oriented 4-cylinder engine and can accelerate to 96 kilometers per hour (60 miles per hour) in under 3 seconds, much like the T-Rex that achieves this fete in 4 seconds. The pricing is similar – Ariel Atom has a price of about $50,000 – and its control can be easier as it has four wheels.

The Polaris Slingshot offers real competition to the T-Rex. Although the Slingshot lacks roofing like that of T-Rex and suffered early recall problems, it’s undeniable that it’s an awesome bike. Arguably, the Slingshot is somewhat better equipped because it comes with exciting features such as Bluetooth connectivity, backup camera and LCD screen. The Polaris Slingshot has a 2.4 liter General Motors 4-cylinder engine that beats out the 1.6 liter fitted in the T-Rex. The pricing of the Polaris is also quite modest at about $20,000. If you’re truly on a budget, perhaps you should consider to buy a pit bike or perhaps a cheap ATV instead.

T-Rex 20th Anniversary Edition

Campagna Motors are celebrating twenty years of producing T-Rex bikes since 1996 by introducing a limited anniversary edition of BMW powered T-Rex motorcycles. Only 20 bikes of this top-end model will be availed across the world, which means that they can hardly be on any T-Rex car dealer. Each of these units is engraved with a unique number from 01 through to 20. Campagna Motors president Andre Morissette said that the special edition serves as an embodiment of the “Innovative approach, unparalleled styling, and the exciting, unmatched level of performance” provided by the company’s three- wheel vehicles.

Indeed, the 20th anniversary edition is special in every way. Unlike the previous T-Rex productions that were powered by Kawasaki engines, this one of a kind limited edition three wheeler is powered by a BMW engine. This model truly stands out with its completely red chassis, black rims, bodywork featuring distinctive two-tone design, an authentic Campagna carbon kit as well as a leather wrapped sports steering wheel. Additionally, the T-Rex logo commemorating twenty years – that is written in French in order to pay homage to the company’s Quebec roots – is permanently embossed in several key positions including on the custom leather seats, the multi-controller button on the dashboard, as well as on a distinctive motor plate. The trex sale retail price for this top-end high performance and truly unique trike is around $70,000.


Undoubtedly, the Campagna T-Rex motorcycle is a very cool and strange machine at the same time. Importantly, keep in mind that riding the T-Rex would require you to utilize all your skills. You will be thrilled to ride a three wheeler while everybody else is on a four if not two. The T-Rex will give you electrifying speeds that can make you appear reckless and thus lose your license! However, above all, contacting a T-Rex dealer and arranging to own a used T-Rex motorcycle means that you will have a machine that nobody else in your city has the gut to ride.

T-Rex Motorcycle FAQ

How much is a t-rex motorcycle?

The price of a new T-Rex motorcycle lies between $30,000-$70,000. It depends a bit on which model you’re considering.

Who makes t-rex motorcycles?

The classical T-rex that most people refers to is made by Campagna Motors. Campagna is actually in the name of the vehicle, but people tend to forget it.

Where to buy a used t-rex motorcycle?

As with a lot of secondhand motorcycles, eBay is a great place to start to look. Craigslist is another option. Always practice caution when shopping on these sites, never pay before you’ve seen the bike or met with the previous owner for example.