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Nowadays nearly everybody wants to buy a motorcycle even if they don’t have to. Big and small, everyone wants to have a feel of riding on the two-wheeler. Prior to plunking down your money, swinging your leg over that motorbike seat and feeling the warm breeze of freedom from traffic and freedom from immobility, there are more than a few critical things you need to put into perspective and resolve.

Types Of Motorcycles

Dirt Bikes

Dirt bikes are off-road motorbikes that are lightweight, powerful, and with rapid speed. There’re a number of variations of dirt bikes for different uses ranging from touring to racing and more. Additionally, the purpose and the size of a dirt bike to be acquired hinges on the kind of riding to be done as well as the rider of the said dirt bike.

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T-Rex Motorcycle

T-Rex is a three-wheeled crazy machine that thrills some people and scares others. T-Rex is one of the best selling motorcycle trikes and combines the gearbox and the motorcycle engine of a Kawasaki sporting motorbike with a custom-built chassis to create one of the wildest motorcycles models that you can ever buy. The T-Rex is very well engineered and pretty fast as well.

T-Rex Motorcycles For Sale


Generally, scooters have smaller and less powerful engines. However, bigger scooter engines are growing in popularity. Motor scooters are also largely affordable compared to the bigger motorcycles. Additionally, scooter insurance is usually considerably cheaper compared to other kinds of bikes like cruiser motorcycle and sport motorcycles. A motor scooter is very easy to ride and maneuver at low speed. Unlike other motorbike models, nearly all scooters don’t require changing of gears because they have automatic transmission.

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Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Harley Davidson is based in the United States and is unarguably one of the world’s most famous motorcycle companies. Harley Davidson motorcycles are legendary and evocative custom motorcycles. They come with a remarkably laid-back attitude, low seats, and lots of chrome as well as long wheel bases. Harley motorcycles face competition from Japanese bike makers for the custom or cruiser motorcycle type because Japanese bikes are a lot less expensive, even though with Halerys have much more heritage.

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All terrain vehicles are basically 4-wheeled dirt bikes, but with a much broader usage and repertoir. They can be used for everything from shoveling snow to transportation to fun. There is a jungle out there for the one interested in purchasing one. We’ve put together a nice guide on what to think about when getting a brand new or used ATV. Go check it out!

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Honda Fury

The Honda Fury became the first production of a chopper motorcycle by a major motorbike manufacturer. Like all other choppers, the Honda Fury has an elongated wheelbase, lowly seat, high bars and extra-long forks. The Fury is strikingly uncluttered, something that most one-off custom bike makers fail to achieve. The bike’s comfort isn’t bad in spite of the low seating, and you could actually tour places with the motorbike.

Victory Motorcycles

The American motorcycle maker Victory Motorcycles is an off-shot of Polaris Industries and was designed to give Harley bikes a run for their money. Surprisingly, Victory Motorcycles have arguably produced superior motorbikes to the ones made by Harley Davidson despite Victory venturing into the motorcycle making business more than 90 years after Harley Davidson made their first bike. Indeed, Victory Motorcycle Club is one of the biggest motorcycle clubs, a testament to the loyalty of Victory riders towards the brand.


The Ducatis were created by three brothers and has become extremely popular on the motorcycle market. With a wide variety of motorcycles and bikes they are competing with all other great motorcycle brands on all continents and have everything from sport to classic models. We have been looking at Ducati Streetfighter, Ducati Hypermotard and Ducati Monster.

Ducatis For Sale

Naked/Standard Motorbikes

Naked or standard motorbikes are known with their straight riding position. The foot pegs and handlebars are designed to ensure comfortable positioning for riders. This user-friendly design, their functionality, as well as moderate size engines make naked motorbikes a good choice for novice riders. Go read more about motorcycle parts.

Dual Sport Motorcycles And Enduro Motorcycles

Dual sport motorcycles, also known as on- and off-road bikes, dual purpose motorbikes come with high seats as well as a raised center of gravity that’s better poised to handle rough ground. They’re lightweight and with small engine sizes that make them suitable for new riders. In comparison, enduro motorcycles are dedicated off-road racing motorcycles used in long distance cross country contests such the Dakar Rally.

Touring Motorcycles

With their large fuel tanks and bigger engines to munch the miles, touring motorcycles are meant for long distance riding. A touring bike gives you a comfortable upright seating positioning as well as more storage. They come at a higher cost and their big size makes them more suited for the seasoned riders.

Motorcycle Financing

We also provide information about how to finance you motorcycle purchase, with an extensive guide we give you an idea of what to think about and what to consider before buying a motorcycle and the best place to go when asking for a loan.

Motorcycle Financing Companies

Are You An Experienced Rider?

Undeniably, riding a bike is a lot of fun. However, when done wrong, it can have lethal consequences. As such, before you can even decide to buy motorbike, it’s crucial that you assess your capabilities and skills of handling motorbikes. If you’re a novice rider that has been riding around on Zize Ebikes up until now, then there’s need to practice your skills and you should also stick to lightweight motorbike models that you can easily maneuver. Additionally, if you haven’t been riding for quite some time, it’s worth taking a refresher course. If you are not in possession of a motorcycle license already, you’ll need to acquire one in order to remain on the safe side of the law.

How Will You Ride It?

The type of riding that you’re venturing into pretty much dictates the kind of motorbike to shop for. Do you need a street bike to navigate through traffic with ease, or are you looking forward to a moto race and a moto bike would do you good? Classic motorbikes come with a lot of heritage while the latest machines such as 2014 motorcycles and later are feature rich and performance oriented owing to advancement in technology. Whatever type of ride you’ll acquire, it will also largely impact on your motorcycling habits and lifestyle.

As such, instead of choosing a motorbike purely based on its performance and mechanical attributes, it’s equally important to consider what circles you will most probably be riding it in. For instance, a cruiser bike comes in very handy for adventurous persons who are fascinated by what is around them and aren’t daunted by long daily commute.

How Much Will It Cost You?

There are varied motorcycle prices depending on the type and brand of the machine you choose. There are cheap motorcycles, both new and used, and then there’re the not so cheap motorbikes with new top end motorbike prices being higher than the average car. Whether you go for a $5000 or $25000 new bike, motorcycle dealers, just like vehicle dealers, would be keen to assist you with the financing. Used bikes may come at very cheap prices compared to the new ones (more on this below).

For many people, buying a used motorcycle makes financial sense. Additionally, if you’re purchasing your first bike it’s important that you shun the higher performance types to start with, and go for the naked or standard bike. The standard type is also highly recommendable when you’re looking to use your bike as a means of daily transportation.

When you have made up your mind to buy motorbike, you can end up feeling overwhelmed and confused due to the plethora of motorcycles for sale to choose from, including classic motorcycles, vintage motorcycles, used motorcycles and new motorcycles. Read on to ease the confusion and become a confident and knowledgeable motorbike buyer and rider.

Important Considerations When Buying A Motorbike

Engine Size

Engine size is measured in CCs (cubic centimeters). This is the volume within the engine where the combination of fuel and air take place to power the motorbike. Naturally, a bike with a greater CC number has a bigger engine, which translates to more power. As such 250cc motorcycles have greater power and greater speeds than 150cc motorbikes.

Weight of the Motorcycle

When rummaging through the various motorbikes for sale, it’s important to put the weight of the bike in mind. Heavier bikes are harder to operate. You will have to be capable of setting your bike upright in case it knocks down.

Height of the Seat

The height of seat is another important consideration when you want to buy a motorcycle. When straddling the motorbike, ensure that your feet are touching the ground when you make a stop. If the motorcycle height is greater than the measurement from the bottom of the rider’s foot to the groin, then the bike is probably too tall for the particular rider.

New or Pre-Owned Motorcycles

You could buy used motorcycles at very cheap prices. However, without due diligence, repair and maintenance costs for used motorbikes could be incredibly high over time.

With these features in mind, it becomes easier to research on the different types and brands of motorcycles below.

Pros And Cons For Purchasing Used And New Motorbikes

Buying A Used MC


  • Inexpensive – Used motorcycle prices are normally low even if a bike is only few months old. Used Suzuki motorcycles will for example cost so much less than brand new Suzuki motorcycles.
  • Low insurance cost – Although this is not always the case, used motorcycles for sale usually attract less insurance costs than new motorbike sales.
  • Good for novice riders – New riders learning the ropes wouldn’t want to deal with the risk of ruining a new bike. Going for second hand motorbikes gives novices a chance to indulge into the motorcycling culture with hardly any strings attached.


  • Unknown history – When making a motorcycle buy without knowing how the previous user treated it, you could end up having to deal with myriad mechanical issues.
  • Hidden costs – Your second hand motorcycle may require higher upkeep costs if the level of maintenance is high.
  • Absence of new technology – Cheap used motorcycles offered for sale by motorcycle dealers and motorcycle websites may come without the newest safety features.

Buying a New MC


  • Comes with warranty – Typically, brand new bikes will have a warranty of one to several years to guard against mechanical failures.
  • Clear history – With a new Yamaha motorcycle for example, you will not have to worry about your bike having been dented due to earlier accidents, which would be the case with some used Yamaha motorcycles.
  • More mileage – Purchasing a new machine means that the odometer would have very little or no mileage at all.


  • More expensive – Brand new Harleys for sale would definitely have more expensive price tags than used Harleys.
  • Quick depreciation – As soon as bikes are purchased, their values take a nose dive immediately they leave the motorcycle dealerships lots.
  • Higher costs of insurance – Whether you’re a brand loyalist for Yamaha motorcycles, Suzuki motorcycles, Harley, ATV bikes, or you just opt for Kawasaki motorcycles for sale, purchasing new almost always means that you’ll have to be contented with higher insurance costs than when you go for used Kawasaki motorcycles or other brands.

Motorcycle Apparel

Armed with this knowledge that helps you to select the kind of motorbike that’s best for you and appropriate licensing, then you’re ready to acquire a suitable bike. However, before starting your ride, be sure to have your motorcycle apparel on, comprising of a helmet, gloves, rain suit, jacket, boots and dedicated eyewear if possible – particularly if you wear eyeglasses. Go for quality motorcycle apparel without stinting because it is all the buffer you will have between you and the leathery, course roadway should you need it.

Where To Find Motorcycle Sales

There are numerous motorcycle classifieds, motorcycle website and motorbike dealers offering cheap motorcycles for sale and motorcycle accessories. In a motorcycle superstore, you can find custom motorcycles for sale, Big Dog motorcycles, Yamaha motorcycles for sale, classic motorcycles for sale, Suzuki motorcycles for sale, British motorcycles and more. There are also dealers who specialize in selling a particular brand of motorcycles. These include Suzuki motorcycle dealers, Yamaha motorcycle dealers and Harley Davidson bike dealers among a large number of others out there.